Who we are

Zons PR Ltd is an independent London based public relations agency that specialises in the music and entertainment industry.

Zons PR has established years of reputation as a firm that is well versed in a cross-section of public relations disciplines including corporate entertainment, television, talent, events, public affairs/non-profit and publishing.

What makes Zons PR unique is our passion and dedication in achieving excellence in client services. Our approach and philosophy fosters an environment that enables strategic thinking and creativity. With our commitment, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm, we continue to help our clients succeed everyday. Our precision entails successfully delivering a message to any audience with a smart, strategic approach, the creative talent to ensure an impact, and the commitment to perfect execution.

Zons Tours has made us one of the leading international talent- booking agencies, having opened the niche in Africa for mainstream international artists to tour the continent, confidently and comfortably. Having bought the African experience to 50 Cent, Usher, Sean Paul and Dionne Warwick just to name a few, Zons Tours now runs several times a year throughout the African continent, Dubai and Europe.



Our commitment to client service is developed from a set of values to support our goal. We are dedicated to deliver integrated and measurable results beyond your expectations. We are..

  • Dedicated to providing the best service to our clients
  • Committed to client partnership
  • Determined to achieve our potential
  • Passionate about our work
  • Focused on providing our best thinking
  • Intent upon listening and learning
  • Innovative and creative


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